Disable or extend the 5 minute status auto-check


I am receiving emails from all my servers telling me my main cloudmin master is logging in visa SSH.

How do I stop or extend this 5 minute auto-check for the status on managed servers? I dont need it every 5 minutes, probably not at all.


hi. Does anyone know if this is possible? Just trying to eliminate the emails and unnecessary connections.


I’m not aware of a web to get Cloudmin to not check the status of the hosts within it.

By default, you shouldn’t get an email whenever someone logs in as root, so it sounds like you’re using some special software to do that. At the moment, I suspect your best option here would be to configure your software to ignore logins from your Cloudmin host.


Ok thanks… not a big deal would be nice to have.

I have CSF installed and its a LFD email alert to inform me root has logged in via SSH.

I’ve just added the IP addresses to the csf ignore file so it does not email now.