Disable IP address settings for virtual server owners?


I’m running a Virtualmin server for marginally competent virtual server owners, so I’d like to disable anything that’s unsuitable for them.

If they log in on https://server.tld:10000, they can “Edit Virtual Server” and see an “IP adresses and interfaces” section.
Is there a way to disable that section, or the “External IP address” input?? They have no business administering network connectivity.


yes, for existing users, log in as root, select the domain, go to Admiistration Options, Edit Owner Limits, in the right pane go to: Allowed capabilities and features and disable whatever they are not allowed to do

For new users, select your Account Plan, go to Allowed capabilities and do the same there

Thanks, that was it. I had left “Allowed capabilities” at “default”, assuming it would follow the same logic as “Allowed virtual server features”.