Disable backuping of users emails and ftp folders

Is there any way to globaly disable backuping emails and ftp folders inside virtual server?

I don’t want to backup gigabytes of users data (like emails and ftp stuff are) - I just want to backup home of virtual server itself - as I am little hosting provider and I want to have only website and database backuped. It is up to users backuping their emails and files.

Now I am doing it by manualy disabling users folder inside huge virtual servers. Can this be done globaly?

Thanks a lot!

Well, so far as I know, the problem here is that Virtualmin considers all of this to be “user data”.

From Virtualmin’s point of view, it’s just all data residing in /home/$USER – it doesn’t distinguish as to what kind of data it is.

Perhaps one way you could accomplish it is to disable “Server’s home directory and web pages” – and use a different mechanism for backing up the website data, such as rsync.

there is an option to exclude directories in virtualmin. you may want to look into that. Also you can set the features as to what to make backups from. Wouldn’t that be sufficient to accomplish what you are after?

I’ve tried both ways. But I want to less script more think ;o))) Virtualmin has very good backuping solution (with serveral improvements needed in my opinion - but it is good enough now). When I will rsync main server home folders it is another possible point of failure. Another places for tar.gz files etc. Next unnecessary mechanism.

So I will try to solve this by virtualmin commandline api and after creation script that will exclude users home folder (emails and ftp) inside main virtual server.

Thanks for helping!