Disable awstats configuration manipulation by domain owner

Is there a way to disable awstats configuration manipulation from domain owner? Still it would be great if domain owner could see the statistics from virtualmin. I’m little conserned about the freedom of changing report schedule generation of awstats and webalizer. What if domain owner sets the report to be down every minute?

Hey Matti,

Not at the moment. But it’s a good idea.

I’ll file a wish in the bug-tracker.


Hi Matti,
It is actually possible to prevent domain owners from editing their Webalizer schedules already. Just go to the Server Templates page, click on Default Template and change ‘Allow editing of Webalizer schedule?’ to ‘No’.

You may need to go to http://yourserver:10000/virtual-server/all_webmin.cgi after making this change if you have any existing virtual servers, so that their permissions are updated.

Hey Jamie,

I fear I’ve confused the issue by including Webalizer in my bug report. AWstats is what Matti is after, and it doesn’t appear to have such an option.

Excellent. The functionality with Awstats worked great and the user is prevented to mess up awstats configs. This I changed in demo server from Awstats module page. But with Webalizer it didn’t work at all. By changing user not to allow to change webalizer statistics and updating the system with webmin_all.cgi it did not work. User could still do changes in webalizer schedule. Is this s bug?