Disable an installer script for users only ?

I’ve written an installer script which I would like to be able to run as root, but which I wish to disable for regular users.

I’ve seen the “Disable Scripts” interface. If I disable my script, then it gets disabled for all users as well as root.

Is there a way to disable a script for users, but allow root to run it, especially when creating new virtual servers?


Currently, there is no way to disable a script regular users but still allow root to use it, unless you prevent users from installing any scripts (on the Edit Owner Limits page).

However, there is a trick that will allow the script to be installed at domain creation time while preventing users from installing it later. Just select it as one of the default scripts for new domains, and then disable it. It will still be installed at creation time, but won’t be selectable for installs into existing domains.

Does that help?