Different mail boxes after Postfix upgrade

Hi, i needed to upgrade Postfix to 2.9, but after that i have the messages of the users in two locations, the old i dont know where is it, but i can only see it in usermin, but the new location is in “var/mail”
Do you know how to get all email to the old location accesible via usermin?



Well, I’m unfortunately not familiar with Postfix 2.9, and none of the supported distros use that version… but in theory, email should continue to be delivered to the same location (ie, the user home directories) regardless of the Postfix version.

It sounds like upgrading to that alternate Postfix version also changed the part of your config which tells it where to deliver messages.

That could come from a few different places, but I’d first start looking in /etc/procmailrc.

Could you paste in the contents of that file? Thanks!