Different mail and webserver issue


I have a domain (mydomain.com) which is hosted on 2 different virtualmin servers.
One virtualmin server is (server01) is handling all incoming emails to anything@mydomain.com while the other virtualmin server (server02) is handling the apache / website itself. DNS for mydomain.com is cloudflare.
I can receive emails without issues on anything@mydomain.com but the apache generated emails on server02 to anything@mydomain.com are bounced, I assume server02 treats these emails as local emails and do not deliver them to the MX which is set on DNS to server01. How can I setup on server02 to deliver the email to the correct MX on server01?

Thank you.

I would suggest setting this up not using cloudflare to begin with. Cloudflare is a pain in the ass in this regard.

Once you get it working without cloudflare, following the virtualmin multi server setup docs, then switch dns providers to cloudflare and troubleshoot.