Differences between GPL and paid Pro version

I am getting VERY frustrated trying to evaluate Virtualmin. Where is the document that fully describes the differences between the GPL and the paid Pro version?

Seems like everything I try to do is not in the GPL version. The ability to run both PHP5 and PHP4 was the big reason I decided to look at Virtualmin in the first place. I have a complex PHP4 site that is in the process of converting to PHP5 but isn’t done yet. So I need to host this site in PHP4 while my other virtual sites use PHP5. Apparently this option is not in GPL and I don’t know enough about Apache to do it myself in the config files.

In fact, if I knew enough to do this in the Apache config files myself, then why would I be using Virtualmin in the first place?

Other examples of "not in the GPL version" include the ability to preview a web site before the DNS is set up (no "Preview website in Webmin" option). And apparently no ability to modify the Apache modules being loaded.

In fact, is seems like every time I search for a problem and try to follow the directions given in the documentation or forums, I discover that the option doesn’t exist in the GPL version.

So much for the GPL version using the “same code base”, etc. I’m really close to just starting over with some other product that I can properly evaluate.

Sorry, but as I said, I’m very frustrated right now and have wasted waaay too much time trying to get this all to work. I am not a linux expert…I am a novice. Which is why I wanted a good control panel application in the first place. But I’m not spending money for anything until I can confirm that it is going to work properly for me.<br><br>Post edited by: zugg, at: 2009/01/07 13:36

OK, thanks to another poster I found the Compare link at the bottom of the page. Horrible place to put something as important than that. And I’m very dismayed at the huge differences between the Pro and the GPL versions. Looks like it’s going to be impossible for me to evaluate this fully.

And I'm very dismayed at the huge differences between the Pro and the GPL versions.

The differences are not huge. You’ve just happened to run into all of them, all at once. :wink:

I would encourage you to try other options. If you don’t find that even Virtualmin GPL is superior to all other options, I’d encourage you to use whatever works best for you. As far as I know, no Open Source tools come close to the capabilities of Virtualmin GPL, and no commercial product comes close to the capabilities of Virtualmin Professional. But, some folks may find other products fit their needs better, and we can’t please everyone. We just do the best we can.

That said, the site preview shouldn’t be a Professional-only feature. I’m not sure why it is. Sometimes Jamie makes odd choices in this regard. I’ll suggest he change it for the next release.