Did I solve this problem correctly?

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3
Virtualmin version 6.17-3

I just setup a mail server for my domain “example.com”. I was having delivery problems, no users emails were being delivered to anyone (tried sending to Gmail, iCloud etc email addresses). I did a “spam-i-ness” check at mail-tester.com and it reported back that emails were coming from “vps1.example.com” instead of the “example.com” domain being sent from.

Under the Postfix Mail Server tab, General Options I set:
What Domain to use in outbound mail: “example.com
Internet hostname of this mail system: “example.com

That fixed the issue and emails started arriving to other systems inboxes as expected. Was that the correct way to fix this issue? Or should I have changed something else? Thanks…

I think you’re misunderstanding the error (or mail-tester.com is drunk).

If you have proper DKIM and SPF records allowing mail to be sent from vps1.example.tld for example.tld, then it is not spammy to send mail for example.tld through vps1.example.tld.

The change you made may or may not cause local delivery problems. Check your Postfix logs (for “mail loops back to itself” errors, maybe).

Edit: Also, if you’d previously altered Postfix configuration to futz with what it called itself, that could also be a problem. It normally uses the fully qualified domain name of the system.

But, to be clear, if you’re no longer having delivery problems, you’re probably fine. Just make sure you’re still able to receive mail with your new configuration.

I haven’t altered any other Postfix settings fyi.

I do have proper DKIM/SPF records for “example.com” but I do not have mail enabled for the “vps1.example.com” virtual server (so no DKIM/SPF records for that).

Also, receiving emails is working fine…

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