Did i mess up my install?

Its definately a stupid thing i did here, but hey!, its learning.

I installed webmin fine, i even installed virtualmin and got it working. I created some domains and on realizing that i needed to point my nameservers to bind so that webmin can take over everything, i went on to figure out how to set up nameservers on godaddy. (a surprisingly simple but hardly documented thing).

Anyway, while waiting for the nameservers to resolve, i tried migrating a sub domain i had created using the linode DNS tool, so i went, selected the import menu, and it showed me the things that will be imported. Then the mess, i put in root as the admin user (i guessed cause i had done all admin on linode DNS as root that the sub domain would be owned by root.

All import went fine, except that now my root can only log in and administer only the sub domain, i cant even log into webmin or usermin.

All i need to know is, can i delete the entry i made and start afresh without deleting the www files referenced by the sub domain?