Deploy vituralmin for website with 10000 connection/s

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I intend to use webmin for my website which has 10000 connection/s
My website is very simple, it is a landing page, in this page i just put 3 pictures, some text and and 1 video livestream, i will embed thì video livestream form youtube so the data of website just load picture and text. So i want to ask all. Can vituralmin can adapt for this website, and which configuration of server is the best for website. Thanks


Can vituralmin can adapt for this website, and which configuration of server is the best for website.

Well, Virtualmin in its nature is configuration tool for running and existing services. The right question would be, is how to optimize a web-server (Apache, NginX) to run on websites with thousands of concurrent connections.

+1 on @Ilia The question is not Webmin here, it’s hardware used under to handle such load ! I’m still a little confused how such basic page can attract 10 000hits/s :roll_eyes:

Yes thanks for your feedback, do you have any idea for the server specification, how much ram and cpu do i need to run. Thanks

I am not sure about the connection however, I put the link of landing page and post in to facebook, i just only run it for 1 day so i scared the request will be more than 10000.

I will jump in here to say that I have used Virtualmin optimized for high performance web hosting, see and even though it does not say so in the presentation, I can confirm that this solution was run on servers managed by Virtualmin.

While @Ilia and @vincen are correct in that it is not Virtualmin itself which can deliver the result that you want, since Virtualmin is merely a tool for configuring linux boxes (and a very good one at that) at the same time the default values which Virtualmin uses for Apache / Nginx are not optimized for the specific high performance use that you intend to put it to @hachithanh91 so it falls upon you to tweak the defaults that have been applied by Virtualmin to Apache / Nginx to get the performance you would like from the server.

You will need a 3 Mbps upload speed to stream video from your device to the server at 480p. Now for 10000 users to watch that video live will require a fat pipe on your server, in addition to the appropriate number of cores required to move the data, if you want all visitors to connect to and watch the stream directly off your server. As you can see, Virtualmin per se has little to do with much of all this.

I had set up Virtualmin on Ubuntu 18 LTS + Nginx to livestream exactly the way you wish to, but for a much smaller number of simultaneous users. Let me see if I can restore it from backup for you to try it out…

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