Demo that works?

Is there a way to demo virtualmin before purchase? I have been trying to check out the demo, but the site has been down for a while now.

I am trying to decide between direct and virtualmin and the demo or lack there of is selling me in the other direction.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know it was down. It’s back up now. :wink:

It seems something is breaking the tun network interface that hooks the demo qemu instance up to the world. I’ll need to do something about that.

Hi, I’m in the same process of deciding which control panel to use. I’d like to give Virtualmin a try on my Solaris box. Can you enable the demo and give me a trial key or something?


I used the GPL version to demo and ended up purchasing Pro within 24 hours. The GPL version provided plenty for me to evaluate, it was easy to trust that the additional features listed for the Pro version would meet expectations… and so far they have exceeded them.

I want to make sure the product fits our needs so I’d like to try it for myself. Is there a way to get a trial version?

Hi Joe,

Could you please answer my questions? I’m interrested in buying your product but when there is no support…


I don’t have any further answers than what is on the demo web page, so I didn’t really have anything to add. In short: I’m working on it. We’re just two guys here, and supporting our existing customers takes precedence over the demo server.

We’ve been experiencing quite a bit more load on the system lately, so I’m moving the demo to another system…it’s taking a while. Apologies.