Demo License for Pro?


I have a customer who wants to purchase a 50 domain license for virtualmin pro but needs their main Blog administrator to try it out.

I know there was talk of getting a demo license available some time ago and I was wondering if it is possible to get one.



Hi Lance,

At the moment, there isn’t a demo license.

You could always try out the GPL version to get an idea of how Virtualmin works. There’s also an online demo you can use to poke around at some of the Pro features.

However, there is a 45 day money back guarantee. If someone buys it, and decides they don’t want it, they can get their money back.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately the online demo site is broken

If that was fixed then we would try it

The GPL version does not do script installers so you cant really show what it can do.


Alas, this is the Internet, and there’s been trouble with people intentionally knocking the demo offline.

It should be back up now though.