Deleting Recent Webmin logins in Version 1.810


I am trying to clear “Recent Webmin logins” that shows up in the bottom of control panel home page.

Tried clearing /var/log/secure, /var/webmin/miniserv.log & webmin.log but it is not going away.

I searched my IP address in places like /var/webmin/, /usr/libexec/webmin & /etc/webmin/ with this command grep -rnw ‘/var/webmin/’ -e “” but does not return any results.

Does anyone know how to clear this log?


null this file ( /var/webmin/sessiondb.pag )with the following command.

:> /var/webmin/sessiondb.pag

It will make you re login after a screen refresh, but will remove the list you mentioned.

Webmin -> Webmin Users -> View Login Sessions

Choose the login and disconnect on the right side