Deleting Domains causing havoc

Hi Everyone,

Last week, I deleted a few un-needed domains from my vm pro server and it caused lots of problems.

Namely random email accounts for random domains were disabled, causing email to bouce becuase the user wasn’t known in the alias table. Enabling the email accounts fixed the issue, but I needed to go in and view all users in all domains looking for the mailbox size of ‘none’.

Also, one domain was / is bouncing all email for it’s emails saying relaying denied. How is this fixed?

Is there a way to search for domain / user email account issues. I search for the unknown user / relaying denied, but that was fruitless since there a bunch of entries that are corrent, e.g. non-users trying to send mail from the system that are trying to relay.

CentOS server.

More specifically, what we’re seeing happening (I help Mikel with administration of this server) is that lines are being removed from /etc/postfix/virtual that shouldn’t be.

The disabled email accounts were due to the user’s alias being deleted from the file. The domain bouncing all its mail had its “” line removed.

Well, that certainly shouldn’t happen :slight_smile:

If an account is disabled that shouldn’t be, that’s definitely a bug – I’d recommend filing a bug report using the Bugs and Issues link below.