Delete User Not Content

I should have created a “website FTP access user” but instead I created a regular FTP user with home directory pointing to an existing subfolder of public_html. As soon as I realized the mistake I wanted to delete the user, but I was alerted it would also delete (web) files. How do I delete this user WITHOUT deleting the files?


CentOS 5.8 & Virtualmin 3.90.gpl

When deleting a regular FTP user, Virtualmin would always remove the associated homedir.

However, you can always change what that homedir is. You could make a new homedir in $HOME/homes/USERNAME, and change the user’s homedir to point there.

To change the homedir, go into Edit Users -> USERNAME -> Quota and home directory settings, and you can change the home directory there.

Once you do that, you should be able to safely remove that user.


Yes, but when you change the homedir it moves all the files to the new homedir. So I have to go in via SSH and manually move the files back to their original path BEFORE deleting the user.

It would be only natural to have an option to NOT delete files when deleting an user.


Good point… I’ll talk to Jamie about all that :slight_smile:



I was facing this exact problem and found this topic. I was just trying to delete a user in one of my virtual servers and found that it is asking to delete the whole home directory as the user I was about to delete has home directory set to the virtual server’s home directory. But strangely, I cannot go into that user’s settings and change the home directory. It is un-editable. Why is this happening?

Thank you.