Default Welcome Page

I am using Virtualmin to host some websites for a university. I am looking for a method to have a default welcome page after the administrator has created the user account. This site simply use a copy of the template created stating a welcome to a visitor to this site.

Is there an option to create a welcome page automatically with VirtualMin after the creation of the account? and how can I do that?

what do you see now? the index or an Apache error page?
On my server I see the Apache error page and this one I have modified to my needs.
it’s here /var/www/error/noindex.html

/etc/skel is the default skeleton directory that VM uses to populate new accounts.

So what I did was…

cd /etc/skel
mkdir public_html
cd public_html

then create your default index.html or index.php file then save it.

Now every time a new account is created the default page will be too. Now you can also use the VM variables that is listed in the docs to auto expand in that file if you select the option “Substitute variables in contents” under the server template -> home directory.

Substitute variables in contents?

When this option is enabled, any files copied from the skeleton directory above will have variables like ${DOM}, ${USER}, ${IP} and so on replaced by the domain name, username and IP respectively.