Default Webpage : can this be changed/defined/setup?

Hey guys,

Im just wondering, when i create a new virtual server (for a domain or a sub domain), it usually creates everything, and sets everything up (including ftp) etc…

but is there a way to by default put some web page on every new virtual server you create?

Basically what i want is to have like a "website hosted by ABC* or something rather page copied to the new domain by default on creation/addition of the virtual server…

Can this be done on the GPL version?

Thanks in advance.


Anything that’s in /etc/skel will be copied into any new Virtual Server that’s created.

So if you create /etc/skel/public_html/index.html, and put some content into that index.html file, that would be a way to have a default page for all your users.

Would that do what you’re after?


sweet… that sounds perfect…

i will try this, and will bother you again if it doesn’t work as expected… :slight_smile: