Default Virtualmin Parked Website Page

Is there a way to setup a default parked website page for each new virtual server? Doing this would allow users to know that their website is up and running properly rightaway.

Do I have to create my own HTML page and copy it to each public_html location manually?

you can place the folders and a page in /etc/skel and tune that setting in your server template. It is enable by default. It will copy the page to every virtual server created.

I tested it and it worked (auto-copied files) with my test sub-server, however when I ftp into the folders I found that it copied the files into the test.domain.tld folder instead of the test.domain.tld/public_html folder

Is this correct? The link is not working so I can’t tell if it works like this

You’ll have to create the structure so the system knows where to place the files…
you can copy files into the root of the domain and in the public root…

I changed the templates for both servers and sub-servers to use /etc/skel/public_html and moved the default site files into it but it still copies those files to the root of the domain instead of /public_html in those domains

I know I can just copy the files manually to the domains but I want it automated correctly.

You should not change the path in the server templates… leave it as /etc/skel
you must add the directory public_html to /etc/skel so you will have /etc/skel/public_html
you can do this by logging in with ftp and create the folder under the above path
Then in /etc/skel/public_html you need to upload the index.html, see attachment