Default TTL for new domain creation?

When I create a new site (virtual server), the TTL appears as set to 38400 instead of what I want as a default (6000).

Looking in services->dns for virtual server, the TTL is set rather than being on the default.

Looking in the server template (BIND), I don’t see a TTL override option.

Is there a way to set this default? Looking in webmin->services->bind->zone defaults, there doesn’t seem to be a default-TTL option here for new zones either.


Hi William,

Yeah, I’m not sure about that either – you might want to pop that question into the Bugs and Issues tracker so Jamie can point you in the right direction.


Thanks! Added as FS#5163, will update this thread for anyone else who searches on this issue once I hear back.


I’m new here, I don’t know if this is the correct behavior or not, and I don’t know if this was already posted anywhere else.

But my Webmin installation is using the “Negative cache time” as the default TTL for new zones.

In my installation, I go to “Webmin” > “Server” > “BIND DNS Server”, then click on “Zone Defaults” and set the “Negative cache time” to the default TTL that I want to use (in my case 3600), and then click the button “Save”.