Default SQL permissions for new admins\users

I have been searching for the last few hours and haven’t been able to find anything in regards to this, so hoping someone can help me out.

When a new user is created, be that the admin user of a new virtual server and\or a user with database permissions. How can i setup the default SQL privileges?

When i go to webmin > user permissions they are listed as none there, which i believe is global permissions, so no problem there.

Below that is “permissions for new users”, but when i select the permissions there, new users still have access to all permissions?

I would like to set it so they only have access to certain permissions when the server\user is created. Is this possible?


edit: Reason i wanted to do this is to ensure that users dont break anything as some users wont know what they are doing and i dont want them to break stuff. Is it safe to give them all permissions so i dont need to worry about this?


Well, normally, you wouldn’t need to tweak the DB permissions – a Virtual Server admin is given privileges to modify their own databases, but no one elses.

So user X can’t do anything harmful to databases belonging to user Y.

If you had multiple databases within one account, and wanted a way to protect multiple users within that one account – you could create a new user (in Edit Users), and give that user rights to just one database (which can be done in “Other user permissions”).


Thanks for the help. Ill leave it as is for now then.