Default server creation email, SSL, shared sites

So the default DNS and server creation email says to go to to use webmin for the domain owner.

Of course for shared ip address type sites, the SSL certificate of course will not be set up for this domain. And, of course, there could be a hundred sites with the same IP.

Yes I understand completely that you can’t really have multiple SSL on shared IP.

I am curious, why the default message and why the setup of the admin, webmail dns entries when it is known they won’t work without warnings from email client and web browsers? If the assumption that everyone will have dedicated IP? Do people educate their users to get around the warnings?

Of course, one can simply replace that by pointing the user instead to the main host address with the good SSL since they can still get to their sites that way. I suspect then you lose true bandwidth monitoring since them the bandwidth does not count against each site.

So, what do owners of Virtualmin pro actually do? Do they just give out the servers domain, or, o they have their users deal with those warnings?

Along that same thread… Also created are DNS records for mail.domain, when there of course will not be a reverse DNS for the ip address assigned to that mx record that points to mail.domain. SOme mail servers use this to reject email messages, so, this would not be good.