Default server catch-all email address receiving other virtual server emails as well


I’m new to Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin, having come from a cPanel/WHM background, and I’m having some trouble with emails being incorrectly delivered.

The setup is this: the default website for the server is a subserver of a virtual server. This subserver has a catch-all email account set up, and delivers to a mailbox in the virtual server to which it belongs. That main virtual server, and all other virtual servers, are configured to bounce messages that are sent to a non-existant address.

I’m experiencing two related issues. Issue 1) Mail addressed to non-existant addresses are being sent to that subserver catch all account, and Issue 2) a message intended for an existing mailbox on a different virtual server was also delivered to the catch all account (but not the intended recipient’s mailbox).

I would go ahead and turn off the catch-all on the subserver, but now I’m worried that if I do that, messages will be bounced back due to whatever caused issue #2. Looking at the logs for when issue #2 occurred, I saw “warning: do not list domain in BOTH mydestination and virtual_alias_domains”, but search results on this indicated that’s a harmless error.

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.

I just took a look at the logs again, and it appears that ALL mail for one particular virtual server is going to the primary mailbox, instead of to the virtual server’s users’ mailboxes, yet I can’t find anything set to make this happen. The virtual server has messages sent to bounce, and a few aliases pointed in the direction of mailboxes on that server, but all mail is being delivered to the default server’s catch-all.


The warning you saw in the logs is indeed a harmless error, that’s safe to ignore (that occurs on all systems).

Take a look at the output you receive when running the “hostname” command – is that an FQDN (ie, a domain in the form host.domain.tld)? You would want it to be an FQDN, and not just a “domain.tld” style domain name.

And also, is there by chance a Virtual Server with the same name?

We’ve sometimes seen problems arise when there’s a Virtual Server with the same name as the hostname.


I did have a virtual server with the same name as the hostname. I’ve changed that now, so hopefully that will resolve it.