Default mail pre and append question

Hi People,
I want to set up mail accounts very simply:
login name: name (only)

In trying to do so finished up with a prefix of the name of a MySQL database I was going to setup!
(It was demanded by the batch file I was using to add users "MySQL" option)mandatorily.)
Now the login appears as .

Can’t see how to remove it. OR set up the simplified login.

(I may have extended problem with my new install as I cannot login via FTP either in any variation.)

I AM reading… not seeing.

System Settings:Module Configuration

Select the "Defaults for new domains" section in the dropdown

Find the option labeled "Include domain name in usernames?" and set it to "Only to avoid a clash".

Save it.

Delete and recreate the user. Username will be just the name you provide. (Unless, of course, it will clash with an existing user name.)

Hi Joe,
“Dropdown” I just didn’t think of/see!

Now a small detail: I just batched up a lot of email accounts and left defaults for the most part. BUT the default for storage turned out to be UNLIMITED!
Seems a bit of a worry if I get attacked, no?
Any way to reduce them or must I start again? I would like to set default at most as few megabytes, unless I’ve got something wrong here.

Noticing lotsa good changes since my last update!

Of course there’s a way to change it…but you don’t want to limit to “a few megabytes”. That makes it impossible to use spam and, especially, AV scanning for your mail. 75MB is probably the absolute lower bound for mailbox users, if you want AV scanning to work (it’ll still try to work, but anything with an attachment or anything really big will not be scanned–which kinda defeats the purpose). AV scanning is very resource intensive, and one of the resources it requires is disk space.

Anyway, to change quotas for many users at once:

Select a virtual server in the dropdown list in the left-hand menu

Click on Edit Mail and FTP Users in the menu

Check the radio boxes by all of the users you want to change

Click "Modify Selected Users"

Set the home directory quota to your new preferred limit

Save it

Repeat as needed for your other domains. I’m pretty sure the command line modify-user could be used to do this for all users at once, but it’d probably require a little bit of scripting.

You’ll also obviously want to change your Server Templates to include this new preferred quota, since you want new virtual servers that you create to get the new quota.