Default mail forwarding address not work

When I create a new account and set to Default mail forwarding address, it displayed Default mail forwarding address missing. How can I Default mail forwarding address in Virtualmin.

You have to fill in a default mail forwarding address. Sounds like you’re leaving it blank…which is kind of nonsensical. By turning it on, you’re saying, “I have some other address I want mail to be forwarded to.” By leaving it blank, you’re saying, “But I’m not going to tell you what it is.” Virtualmin does not play guessing games. :wink:

But I already tried to enter IP or dns, it still show error.

But I already tried to enter IP or dns, it still show error.

You’re misunderstanding the option. It expects an email address (like “”).

Are you saying you want all mail to relay to another mail server, without actually forwarding it? (Forwarding rewrites the headers to send to a specific email address. Relaying is saying, “I’m not responsible for this mail, but I know what server is, so I’ll accept it and pass it on to that server for you.”)

Relaying is almost certainly not the best way to solve that problem. The best way is usually to disable all mail handling in Virtualmin, and configure the MX record to be your other server (using the BIND server template).

If you actually do want Virtualmin to setup relaying for some or all domains you’ll need to install the mailrelay plugin (wbm-virtualmin-mailrelay on RPM based distros, webmin-virtualmin-mailrelay on Debian/Ubuntu, and virtualmin-mailrelay on wbm installations), and enable and configure it.

Thank Joe, I installed the module. When I enabled for mail routing, spam filter cannot enable. Is possible enable routing with spam and virus option.


Nope. Mail processing happens during delivery…and if you aren’t delivering to a local mailbox, it never happens.

The new greylisting support happens before anything else, but that’s not exactly a comprehensive solution to spam or AV.

We’ve been considering making virus scanning happen via the milter interface, which would make that apply to all mail that passes through the system (including relayed mail), but that’s still up in the air. The UI is already too complicated with regard to mail processing, so I hate to add yet another option.

If you needed spam filtering, the only option would be to use a content filter like amavisd-new (or a milter). But that takes away all choice for the end use, since the decisions are made before the user procmail rules ever come into play. And, of course, Virtualmin doesn’t manage amavisd-new or any milters (again, UI complexity is already too high…making more options for limited benefit for a very few users is something we try hard to avoid; every new option adds a complexity cost for everybody, while it may only be useful to a small handful of folks).