Default files and folders

Maybe I am missing something but I cannot find where they are located. It creates public_html with stats directory inside. I need to add another directory with 1 specific file to be created during website setup.

Where is it? Can you help?

Thank you.

/etc/skel …

i think

Yes, I know that. But that folder has files only. Where does it create public_html from? Where does it create stats folder inside public_html. T

That /etc/skel is for createing users not for creating virtual hosts.

Thank you.

Hey Igor,

Martin is correct. /etc/skel is, by default, where you can put things that end up in the domain home. This is configured in the Server Templates. You can add directories and other things and they will show up in the new domain homes–you can also create your own skel directories and specify them in the Server Templates, if you want to start from scratch.

public_html and stats are special directories that are created by Virtualmin at domain creation time. They are also configurable in the Server Templates. They are created by Virtualmin because it is possible to have a domain that doesn’t need them (like a mail only domain, or one without Webalizer enabled).