Default enabled features for sub server

Hi. I have to create several subservers and unfortunately the default list of enabled features does not meet my requirements. For example, on the parent server I used a certain ‘Account Plan’ that disables MySQL but when I’m creating a sub server of it, the enabled features have MySQL selected. Where are these default options coming from? I’ve checked both ‘Account Plans’ and ‘Server Templates’.


hi, I did edit those long time ago… since I am on debian I just carry on updating you know… so its easy for me to carry on. I believe you looking for folder named skell or skel or something similar - there are all configs for pre setups - also remember to restart all your relevant tasks after editing any config files…if you do not know how, just reboot your server.

happy days.

I believe you’re referring to /etc/skel/ directory. I have 3 files in it


None of them looks like the one I need. Could you elaborate a bit more?