Default email addresses and aliases abuse@ postmaster@

I seem to have played with one too many settings and cant seem to find my way back…

When a new virtual server is setup, the abuse@ postmaster@ and other similar addresses are not being setup. The option in Server Templates was set to no. I set it back to default and unfortunately new servers are being created with none of the above.

Where exactly are the “default” email addresses and aliases setup from?
Would i need to set it up by selecting the option “listed below”?

Can i create them so that all virtual servers abuse@ postmaster@ get sent to a single email address?

Thanks again!


The mail aliases are setup in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain – and the aliases to be setup are defined under “Mail aliases for new domains”.

Under that, you’d set “abuse” in the mailbox field, and “${EMAILTO}” in the destination field… and then do the same for any other mailboxes you’d like.


Thanks for the quick response! But out of curiosity. When i set it to default, where does virtualmin get teh default values from?