Default domain stuck on YES, but isn't default...

Hello, I have searched through the forums and google my issue for a few hours now and to no avail I can’t fix this issue.

I have 4 virtual servers set up.

2 Of them currently say they are the default for the IP address.


V1 - Default = YES
V2 - Default = No
V3 - Default = No
V4 - Default = YES <- STUCK! I can switch the default between V2, V3 and V1, but V4 never changes, however is also NOT acting as default.

I need V4 to be default, and the rest to be NO.

Any ideas?

Which distribution are you using?

If you look at your Apache config files, and review the VirtualHost block for those domains – does it look the same in each case? Do you see the same IP address listed?

One possible cause of what you’re seeing is that the VirtualHost block has something unusual in it (such as another IP address, or perhaps a “*” character).


thank you very much, I found that it said _default
changed it to the correct IP address, restarted apache, problem solved!