Default administration group

I have virtualmin 3.56 GPL on centOS 5.1
How can I change the default group for the domain administrator?
I want that a domain administrator belongs to the group apache and not create a group with the administartor’s name.
Is it possible?

Are you sure you really want to do that?

You lose the ability to really make use of the following features if you share a single group amongst all virtual servers:

Quotas (individual quotas still work, but per-server quotas no longer make sense)

Privacy amongst virtual server homes (it’s possible to get permissions right, but it aint easy–your users will not get it right)

suexec no longer has much meaning (if permissions aren’t perfect within homes, any scripts will have access to any other virtual servers home)

I’m kinda curious why you want to go that route?

But if you really do, just set it in the Server Template(s) that you use in the "Administration user" section. The field is labeled "Default Unix group for domain owners".

Seriously, though, our user/group settings are as awesome as race cars and dinosaurs put together. Maybe you should rethink things. If something isn’t working right for you, let us know, and we’ll help you get it straightened out.