Dedicated mail server

Hey everyone,

I am looking to setup my own hosting environment for personal use.

I will be using Xenserver to create the following VM’s:

Web - Used for hosting the files
SQL - Dedicated SQL host
Front - I will be setting up pound/haproxy and varnish as the front end

I also want to setup a dedicated mail server outside of my home network.

How easy is it to setup a dedicated mail server which integrates with my hosting setup, allowing me to add the account on web, which results in the hosting files being made on that server, a database being added to SQL and then a mailbox being made on the remote mail server?

I haven’t seen any posts covering this (or I just missed them)


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do that.

That is, using a single Virtualmin instance, it isn’t able to configure web and email on separate servers.

You could, however, setup two different Virtualmin servers, and use one for web and another for email.

But you’d have to manage each separately.

You can do that with MySQL though. Documentation for that is available here:

HI andreychek,

Thanks for the reply. Yer I have been able to sort the database side of things without no issues. I was just really hoping there would be a way to automate the creation of the mailboxes on the remove server.

That’s really unfortunate it can’t be done.


Yeah, you’re definitely not the only one who thought that’d be useful to have, but Jamie’s indicated that it’s incredibly difficult to do, and I’m not sure if that’s planned for the future or not.

Personally, I’d like to see it in there, but there’s a lot of challenges in making that work.


I’m going to bring this up to Jamie again, maybe we can see what would be needed to add that functionality, and get it on the todo list.

We’ll see what happens :slight_smile:


Hey Eric,

That would be great even if nothing comes from it. I will keep an eye out for any news.



Just wondering if you got anywhere with this?