Debugging Lets Encrypt - Log files?


I’m having trouble with one of our sites, the web based verification is failing “Giving up waiting” and I am trying to find some debug info or log files but am coming up dry.

Is there supposed to be a log somewhere? I’m using latest stable packages on Devuan linux.

The site in question has multiple aliases, and while DNS is handled for most of them, some it does not. Also one www alias does not point at the server, but I have removed this from the list of sites it is requesting cert for,

I do have redirects, but have confirmed the .well-known file is accessible, and can see a hit from Lets Encrypt in the apache logs during renewal for it and it returns 200.

Before I post asking why it doesn’t work and as this is slightly custom setup, I want to find some better debug output about which domain it gets stuck on. A bit like if I was using certbot.

Do I need to enable logs or something?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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To answer the question: No. There are no logs.

I ended up reading through webmin/ and started adding my own debug outputs.

Turns out that it was never even trying web based method and always falling back to the python client. I don’t know why that was failing, but to make it use certbot I had to create the directory /etc/letsencrypt/accounts/ and now it is working fine.

I think the original hit I saw in the apache logs was maybe an internal check by the script to make sure the file was accessible, and not actually from lets encrypt.