Debian Squeeze support for and virtualmin-squeeze apt repo

“Better late than never” ? :smiley:
Can’t wait to start & test it.
Thank you “Virtualmin-Team” for that great Product & Support.

But at the time there is no time for testing—
I think in two weeks or so I can do that.

andreychek, thank you very much, it worked out!
There were no problems with mysql or dovecot, as you assumed, and following your manual step by step gave a perfect result)
But, I’v got another one small problem with BIND.
In virtualmin it always is indicating like “down”, but it IS in the prosess list, and /etc/init.d/bind9 start/stop works correctly.
Do you know, why this problem coild happen?

p.s. thank you again for the manual, I’m on squeeze now!


I’m glad to hear it worked (mostly)!

As far as that BIND issues goes – the first thing I’d try there is to go into Webmin -> Servers -> BIND DNS Server -> Module Config -> System Configuration, and make sure that “/var/run/named/” is listed in the “Default PID file location” box.

If it is – you may want to double-check that you do indeed have a .pid file at that location (/var/run/named/


Thank you again!
For some reason, the path to PID was different, so I’ve changed it accroding to your example, and it worked smoothly, thanks!)

andreychek, will I run into any issues if my server is configured with software RAID-1? Maybe a little off-topic but I’ve had virtualmin on this server since day 1 and I’ve been waiting like crazy to upgrade it. I just don’t want any post-upgrade-boot-issues. How likely is it?


Well, it’s difficult to predict if having RAID-1 would cause any issues.

In theory, it should be just fine!

However, it is an additional moving part – and every moving part has an opportunity to fail :slight_smile:

My recommendation is that, if you want to minimize the chance of downtime – build a test server running RAID-1, and perform an upgrade first on your test server.

Also, you may want to take a look at the Debian 6 release notes… there’s an entry in the notes about boot parameter you may need to pass in if you run into trouble. Search for the word “raid” at the following link:

Also, you may want to review this section about the Grub version:

Thanks for that reply.

Well, it’s not an extra moving part… did I mention it is SOFTWARE based RAID-1? Which is why I’m kinda worried about any Grub related issues after an upgrade.

The second link you gave me is completely greek to me.

p.s: could you approve my previous comment? it doesn’t appear in the list. it may be useful to others too.


Well, it’s not an extra moving part… did I mention it is SOFTWARE based RAID-1? Which is why I’m kinda worried about any Grub related issues after an upgrade.

I mean “moving part” in the software sense… just that every additional piece to the puzzle is something that can go wrong.

The Debian release notes talk about 2 or 3 things that can go wrong during an upgrade when using software RAID.

Although it should work, I unfortunately can’t predict what issues you’ll run into… if you’re concerned about it working, I’d recommend testing the upgrade process as thoroughly as possible on a test system (particularly one with similar hardware) before changing your live box.


Thanks Eric for all the info.

I will give it a spin in the coming week. If all is well, I will come and report here so others can be sure to :slight_smile: