Debian lenny creation of mysql database failed

As I wrote in another thread before …

I did a clean and fresh install of Debian lenny and installed virtualmin pro. Everything looked pretty good with a little of config Postfix and sasl.
I have to move immediately all my Domains from an old server (this one exists until end of march) to a new one which is running lenny.

Today I`ve tried to setup a new virtual Server with a mysql database and now there seems to be a bug in virtualmin pro: virtualmin pro don’t create any mysql database ( I take a look with SSH under /var/lib/mysql). I can get a workaround with creating the database under ‘manage databases’ … this is working but not the creating of tables directly with account creation of a virtual server.

Is there anybody with the same strange behavior of virtualmin pro?
Any ideas?

Does it create the MySQL user whenever the Virtual Server is created? It just doesn’t create a database?

Are there any errors during the output on the screen while it’s setting up the new virtual server?

Virtualmin pro create the MySQL user … only database creation failed and there are no errors displaying (the email confirmation shows the name of database, host, user and password). I’ve started the webmail log but it shows nothing. The same by log files at /var/logs