Debian is supported! Yes, you read that right...

At long last, I have completed Debian support for the Virtualmin Professional The .deb packages are in the software repository, and a fully automated installation on Debian 3.1 (sarge) is now a single command away.
There are a few caveats that I’d like to mention before unleashing this on our unsuspecting Debian fans:

[]Only the i386 architecture is supported. I am working on building x86_64 now, and I expect it to be available in a couple of days. I will announce it when it is ready.[/]

[]Ubuntu is untested. Give me a couple of days. Ubuntu will be easy to support now that Debian is working seemingly perfectly, but it almost certainly won’t work at the moment (we’re dealing with the system at a pretty low level, and differences that seem trivial to a human are huge to a script). So, I know you think Ubuntu is identical to Debian. I promise you that it isn’t. Trust me and wait a couple of days if you want to install on Ubuntu.[/]

[]Something is certainly broken, even though it all looks right to me. I’ve been testing the for days now, and it looks perfect on my test system, and the Virtualmin configuration check passes with no errors, but your system and mine are gonna be different somehow, and it’s gonna break something. If it doesn’t I’ll be stunned. Let us know when you find these problems, in the bug tracker, and I’ll whip it into shape post-haste.[/]

[]The final caveat is one that applies to Virtualmin on all platforms (and every piece of software ever written, for that matter), but especially to Virtualmin on Debian because it is brand new: Don’t trust this on a production system until you’ve done some testing of your own (or given us a couple of weeks to work out the bugs). We’ll work with you on correcting any problems that come up, but if one of our bugs ticks off one of your customers, we can’t win them back for you. We’ll apologize and feel really bad about it for a minute or two, but that’s about all we can do for you, in such an instance.[/]


There it is. If you’re ready to dive in and try out Virtualmin Professional on Debian, go for it. If you’re an existing customer, just re-download the from[a href=“”>your serial numbers page</a>, and give it a go. If you’re a new customer, you can place your order just like everybody else. The standard is compatible with all supported systems and architectures.
Please let me know about any bugs you find, by filing a bug in the bug tracker. Ask any questions you might have in the user support forums. I’ll be sleeping for the next 8-10 hours (it’s 3:34AM and I’ve been working 16 hours a day for a week on this, so I’m exhuasted!), but when I wake I’ll be ready for any question you can throw at me.