Debian installed - https://ServerName:10000 change localhost before install (Rackspace Cloud) - disable version #s

After a successful install Virtualmin reports https://ServerName:10000 for its URL. Should I change my host information before installing Virtualmin?

/etc/hosts localhost localhost.localdomain
xx.xx.xx.xx ServerName

That is my current configuration. That is how Debian Cloudservers are provisioned.

Also all version numbers are displayed during a 403 Forbidden for example. What is the best way to disable displaying the version numbers.

Update: switching localhost with localhost.localdomain did the trick.


Yeah, Virtualmin uses your hostname when displaying what host to connect to. You can of course ignore what it suggests, and just connect to servername.domain.tld. Or you can change the hostname to be an FQDN.

As far as the version numbers in Apache are concerned – you can tweak what information Apache makes available to users by tuning “/etc/apache2/conf.d/security”.

Have a good one!


I switched my localhost info on a fresh install and that did the trick.

I’ve been reading about turning all that nonsense off in Apache - I should be able to hit that later this afternoon no problem.

I wasn’t sure if just hitting the Apache file would do the trick.

So Eric, are you an avid user, or a member of the development/support team?