Debian (and other) packaging delay

Hi !

I’m happy to see 3.78 is out ( ).
Good job !! ( I was waiting it for php exec options :wink: )

I’ve one questions about distros packaging :
what is the delay between a new virtualmin version and a debian/centos/other packaging ?

Is there differences between distros ?
Eg: can I try 3.78 by installing a CentOS on some virtualbox ?
(not in debian at this time)




It’s being tested and packaged, and then placed into the Virtualmin software repository… it should be via a typical upgrade available shortly.


julien04, hi!
new versions of virtualmin and webmin still are not here
so let’s just wait)

thx :slight_smile:

if anybody knows what is the usual delay for appearing updates in the repo - please, tell us.

a couple of weeks usually…