Debian AMD64 and Debian 4.0 (Etch)

I wanted to know if there are plans for Debian 4.0? If your only supporting 3.1 right now that leaves out all of the AMD64 Archs, since 3.1 does not support this.

The reality is people are using Etch right now on AMD64 and I am one of them… actually I have a few companies and servers that do use this.

I want to purchase Virtualmin Pro right now, I have been using the gpl version on AMD64 for almost 1 1/2 years now without any problems…

Please let me know if this will be on the list of supported systems soon.


Howdy Phillip,

We do support the third party amd64 arch version of 3.1. I agree this is less than ideal…but so is supporting unreleased systems. We did have about a dozen requests for 3.1 amd64, so I made a bit of an exception. But I’ve kind of drawn a line in the sand where I don’t support a system that the OS vendor (or in this case community) doesn’t consider stable. I understand (and believe it to be generally true) that Debian unstable is more stable than most released products from some other vendors…but I’ve found that when I run into problems with Debian unstable the answer I get is “use stable if you don’t want to see these kinds of problems”.

I don’t have a good answer on this one…I like Debian, and I’m finding it relatively easy to support, but we’ve got a huge backlog of work ahead of us already (including some pretty annoying problems with the install process on Debian and Ubuntu, which I’m just wrapping up for the next release of virtualmin-base on those platforms).

That said…if you’re comfortable installing Virtualmin GPL, you can use use Virtualmin Professional now in the same way–you have to perform the installations yourself (we do provide debs), and you’d have to rebuild Apache for suexec-docroot in /home, but it’ll run on any OS that Virtualmin GPL supports. If you’d like to give that a try, let me know, and I’ll help you out with the install and configuration.

If we do find that a large number of our customers are itching for 4.0 support from us in the installer, I can probably be convinced to divert attention off of other projects for the one~two weeks it requires to get things spinning and tested–not immediately, but in about three weeks (we have some pretty important milestones coming up on our calendar, and those projects are sucking up all of our time–I believe we’ll be making 90+% of our users very happy with these particular milestone releases, so I’m not going to put them off).

Sorry I can’t give an immediate “Yes!” answer. 4.0 will definitely be supported within a week or so of the Debian team calling it stable, but I’m gonna have to fight against supporting any beta or non-stable OS version in the installer at this time.

I am definately willing! Please check your mail Joe. Maybe I can make a tutorial out of it for others until its Etch is "Stable". Its currently in RC2 and Final is due out any day. Its very nice and I havent had any problems in RC2 yet. Ive been using Etch for about 4 months.

Thank you,