Debian 4/Etch is Final as of April 8

Have you busy boys (Joe/Jamie) been able to play with it yet?


I’m running a sarge->etch upgraded server. Virtualmin was mostly behaving under etch, but today it’s totally hosed. Not sure what happened. Trying to figure it out.

Hey guys,

I’ve downloaded it, but haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. We’re in the midst of the biggest update ever. It spans a whole lot of packages, and if they aren’t all the right ones, things will break to a lesser or greater degree, so I’m spending a lot of time on it…it’ll still end up breaking something for somebody, so we’ve gotta get it out of the way before the Early Adopter beta period ends. Part of that update does involve back-porting a few packages from etch to sarge, so I will probably be spending some time with it today. While I’m there, I’ll try to get the etch repo started.

But I wouldn’t bet on an Etch release for another three or four days. (People are breathing down my neck for RHEL 5, too, so I’m splitting my porting time.)

Yes, but Im glad you guys only support stable releases. Lucky for me that Etch went final before RHEL5!! Neener neener neener. :slight_smile:


Hehehe…Actually, it didn’t. RHEL5 strike date was in March. :wink:

But, I believe both will come out for Virtualmin at about the same time.

Of course. I was thinking CentOS5.


But PLEASE … before starting with Debian 4, could you get the PHP5 installation on Debian3 fixed?

Would be very much appreciated.