Debian 4.0 install CD i386

Hi all

If read that one of the best Linux distribution for Webmin ist Debian 4.0.

My problem is to download it from the internet, there are only CD/DVD, Life CDs from Version 5.00.

Can anybody tell me a link where i can download Debian 4.0r7 for i386?

greetings opaque

per haps this one?

And just to clarify, there’s several good Linux distributions that work well with Webmin.

CentOS 5 a rather popular one to use, and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS works well too.

Debian 4 does indeed work well, but they’re perfecting the installer for Debian 5 now, folks are reporting that it works.

If you can hold off for a few more days, the remaining Debian 5 kinks will be ironed out – then you could work with a newer distribution!

The full list of supported OS’s is here:

And Debian 5 should be listed, but Joe doesn’t always get around to details like that right away when there’s bugs to be fixed and features to be added! :slight_smile:

hi all

now i installed it on a fresh contos 5, what works fine for me because i used RHEL 3 and Fedora 9 before which is very similar.
But now i need PHP 5.2 for Typo3 4.2.6. How can I make a clean install with YUM.

greetings opaque

You may be interested in the bleeding edge repository:,virtualmin_bleeding_edge_packages/

Thanks for the TIP, the repository (url) wont work here but i found a website with a good explanation/repository which works for me to update tp PHP 5.2 on CentOs 5.

Here is the link if anybody will need it in the future:

I had to update mysql too:

[code:1]yum --enablerepo=remi update php mysql[/code:1]

greetings opaque