Deb repo has 1.962 but 1.970 is out

Operating system:
OS version:
18.04 (20.04 on other systems)

While I’m at it, I think this page is referencing the OLD repo for the deb source:

Yes, there’s a bug in 1.970, so I haven’t pushed it to Virtualmin users yet. We do this pretty regularly. It’s not always expected to be in sync.

And, yes, has its own repos. We manage them both (well, I manage Virtualmin repos, Jamie manages Webmin repos)…with different goals. You can trust us to give you the best version we can for your use case, or not. :wink:

Oh! The Webmin web interface suggested I update, so I did.
What’s the bug with virtualmin users?

Should I be adding both and repos to my Ubuntu 18.04 setup?

No. If you did, we’d add both during installation. Virtualmin systems should have repos. We’re trying to provide the best package for the role. Sometimes bugs that impact Virtualmin are discovered after a release of Webmin. I didn’t roll the new version because I wanted you to not run into a known bug.

That sounds like a bug.

@Ilia is Webmin still suggesting updating to a Webmin version that isn’t in the locally configured apt repos yet? That shouldn’t happen.

As you can see here the Apt-Sources: is now local. Webmin downloaded and installed .deb files itself instead of using the repos.

$ apt show webmin
Package: webmin
Version: 1.970
Status: install ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: admin
Maintainer: Jamie Cameron <>
Installed-Size: 310 MB
Provides: webmin
Pre-Depends: perl
Depends: perl, libnet-ssleay-perl, openssl, libauthen-pam-perl, libpam-runtime, libio-pty-perl, unzip, shared-mime-info, tar
Replaces: webmin-adsl, webmin-apache, webmin-bandwidth, webmin-bind, webmin-burner, webmin-cfengine, webmin-cluster, webmin-core, webmin-cpan, webmin-dhcpd, webmin-exim, webmin-exports, webmin-fetchmail, webmin-firewall, webmin-freeswan, webmin-frox, webmin-fsdump, webmin-grub, webmin-heartbeat, webmin-htaccess, webmin-inetd, webmin-jabber, webmin-ldap-netgroups, webmin-ldap-user-simple, webmin-ldap-useradmin, webmin-lilo, webmin-logrotate, webmin-lpadmin, webmin-lvm, webmin-mailboxes, webmin-mon, webmin-mysql, webmin-nis, webmin-openslp, webmin-postfix, webmin-postgresql, webmin-ppp, webmin-pptp-client, webmin-pptp-server, webmin-procmail, webmin-proftpd, webmin-pserver, webmin-quota, webmin-samba, webmin-sarg, webmin-sendmail, webmin-shorewall, webmin-slbackup, webmin-smart-status, webmin-snort, webmin-software, webmin-spamassassin, webmin-squid, webmin-sshd, webmin-status, webmin-stunnel, webmin-updown, webmin-usermin, webmin-vgetty, webmin-webalizer, webmin-wuftpd, webmin-wvdial, webmin-xinetd, webmin-filemin, webmin-authentic-theme
Download-Size: unknown
APT-Manual-Installed: yes
APT-Sources: /var/lib/dpkg/status
Description: web-based administration interface for Unix systems
  Using Webmin you can configure DNS, Samba, NFS, local/remote filesystems
  and more using your web browser.  After installation, enter the URL
  https://localhost:10000/ into your browser and login as root with your root

N: There are 28 additional records. Please use the '-a' switch to see them.

Definitely a bug. I’m sure we’d fixed that in the past. Virtualmin should never offer to do updates outside of apt/yum.

It depends on how it was installed in the first place. Webmin will never offer self-updates if installed from the repo using installation script.

Perhaps @TimRiker what really happened is that you migrated old Webmin configuration directory, which had those type of upgrades enabled? Anyway, check that /etc/webmin/webmin directory has a file called root.acl with content disallow=upgrade and double check that /usr/share/webmin/install-type file actually says deb.

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Install-type does say deb

# cat /usr/share/webmin/install-type

There is no root.acl

# find /etc/webmin/ -name root.acl

I can’t recall if this machine has been upgraded. It’s currently Ubuntu 18.04 and I think that’s what it was originally. I have other systems that were originally 16.04 but I don’t think this one was.

At what point should a root.acl have been created?

# virtualmin list-domains --user root
No top-level domain owned by root exists

Current release:

# cat /etc/lsb-release

Simply create mentioned root.acl file with content disallow=upgrade under /etc/webmin/webmin and it will no longer use in-built upgrading mechanism.

Thank you for the note. I created the root.acl and downgraded with:

# apt install --reinstall webmin=1.962

and the web interface has not yet prompted me for an upgrade.

# apt show webmin 2>/dev/null||grep APT-Sources
APT-Sources: virtualmin-universal/main amd64 Packages

This is correct. We push updates to repos with a certain delay. Particularly Webmin 1.970 needed it, as we discovered few bugs. You can always update manually using devel Webmin repo.

However, we’d rather suggested to wait until it appears on Virtualmin repos after more testing is done.

I meant that comment as a confirmation that adding the root.acl does seem to have fixed the issue.


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