dead links : database api


all the links about the database api are dead…

It’s possible to fix it?



Well, I’m not sure if the problem is that they’re dead, or just not created yet :slight_smile: I’ll try and figure that out.

In the meantime, what I’d suggest is that you can get all that help from the command line tool itself.

That is, if you run “virtualmin” from the command, you can see all the available options.

If you run “virtualmin create-database”, you’ll receive the following help output:

Creates a new database associated with some virtual server.

virtualmin create-database --domain
–name database-name
–type [mysql|postgres]
[–opt name value]*

So all the documentation/help should be built in to the command tools themselves.


oh! great, I did not know that help was available from the command line!

Andreychek thank you very much!