Dead link on website...

When on page I am trying to get to but I get a
“Page not found”
"The requested page could not be found. " error.

I am in the process of installing Virtualmin for the first time so I want to be certain that I don’t miss anything. I guess I’ll just wait a little bit.


Basically what a FQDN comes down to is, you need to have a domain registered and propagated to your server/IP.
Then type in a terminal (or logged into your server over ssh): hostname and it should show that domain in three parts.

when it is not then type in the terminal: hostname where something is in fact something of your choice. This can be for instance server01 or ns1 or dns1 followed by your domainname.

then run the

Thank you for the instructions. Since I have my website up and hosted elsewhere, I didn’t put the address in. What I wanted was instructions (you provided them) on how to change that. I have now changed it and I am going to install.

Sorry, I’m a complete Linux n00b.