Date-Time stamp being reset on FTP'd files ..

hi people,

I’ve been using a Virtualmin-Webmin server for some time, but this has recently come up, seemingly “out-of-the-blue”. Problems were occasional in this regard, but are now happening all the time.

I use Dreamweaver to update and manage a number of sites on this server, and now, every time I update a file, DW gives me the warning, “file has changed on the remote server”, therefore asking me permission to overwrite.

The file has never “changed” on the remote server, unless webmin is doing something to it that DW doesn’t recognize.

Would there be any kind of “easy” or quick fix for this? I’m not too advanced technically w.r.t. server-side mgmt, so be gentle… !!




Webmin/Virtualmin doesn’t actually do anything to the files in the DocumentRoot on it’s own.

It’s able to make changes if a user logs in and tells it to.

Is it possible another user is making changes, whether from within the GUI, or from another FTP client?