Database Names: Prefix for each customer possible?

I want each customer who logs in and creates a database for their account to automatically have the same prefix for any database they create. The prefix might come from the top-server name.

For example, if a customer has the top server name, their prefix would always be "fatbear_". So, they could create databases such as fatbear_name1 and fatbear_name2.

This would help me keep the database namespace more manageable and help me quickly identify which databases belong to which customers. Is this possible?

Thank you for pointing me at that! Just exactly what I needed… thanks!

this must be possible in the server template under MySql database and set "Prefix for additional databases" with ${PREFIX} or

${DOM} for the domain name, ${USER} for the administration user, ${UID} for Unix user ID number and %{GID} for the group ID