Database backup incomplete, no errors reported


One of my virtual servers have a problem with backing up the database. The website is working fine, I have manually downloaded the database to my computer using Navicat, and I can restore that sql backup on a new database.

However, the daily backup / manual backup of the database is incomplete. It backups 20KB of data, while the database is aprox 100MB. No errors in the backup log, and no errors reported when doing a manual backup in Virtualmin, men data is, as I said, incomplete.

Next, I tried to delete some of the tables, where the database backups stops, and voila, backup now completed successfully - so issue must be related to those tables.

But why wouldn’t I get an error when the backup is incomplete?


Do you have anything at the top of the exported backup.sql file? Like something un-usual, looking like an error message?