Dangerous bug in backup module?


I am using virtualmin 4.02.gpl on debian 6 and have a dangerous problem:

I added a new scheduled incremental backup job. The first run (which should do a full backup) of the this job failed, because of missing rights on the destination directory (remote per ssh). I fixed the rights and the next run succeded, BUT this run produced just a incremental backup (I’ve checked this, only files changed/added after the failed full backup were added).
I reproduced this behaviour on different servers with new jobs and tested different settings (local backup, remote backup, tar, gzip, bzip2 etc.). Same behaviour.
I had to clean “/etc/webmin/virtual-server/incremental” directory to get a new working full backup.

By testing this behaviour I found another bug: It seems that sometime the “incremental-state” gets corrupted and then the incremental backup job producing just full backups on every run. Could not find out why.

Best regards,

Thanks for pointing this out - this is indeed a bug in the current version of Virtualmin. Fortunately the fix is trivial though, and will be included in the next (4.03) release.