Danger of Bad Blocks On Server Hard Disk

Hi folks,

Forgive for posting what is possibly a “dumb-a##” question, but I need to ask those with more experience than about the possible implications of bad blocks on a newly purchased vps (vm) hard disk.

The situation is as follows. I just purchased a new vps with an amazing price. However, before doing -anything- (not even logging as root over ssh) I tested the hard disk twice using the following command:

#e2fsck -f /dev/vda4

I have run the above test 2 times, roughly ~24 hours between each test and they both showed the presence of bad blocks:

My questions are

1.) How significant is this problem in the long-run?

2.) Am I better cutting my losses now and finding a different vps host that doesn’t have bad blocks on the vm?

My worry is that bad blocks on a newly launched vm / vps with zero traffic will eventually lead to significant disk write errors & bugs as the server usage & traffic increases.

Any thoughts?

This is a question for your hosting provider. If they’re competent they can solve it, and if they aren’t competent, you’ll have your answer on whether to leave.

Filesystems should not regularly become corrupt, whether it’s a physical system or a VM.

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