Daily or hourly billing with Cloudmin


we want build a cloud infrastructure based on Cloudmin PRO, but like any other really cloud services, billing should be based on the really resources usage (like memory, bandwidth and disk usage).

Is possible to retrieve such data from cloudmin?

Can cloudmin give to the user the ability to scale resources?

We are very interested in implementing a solution like this, but we did not know whether cloudmin is designed for this purpose.


This is fully supported in Cloudmin - for each VM, it tracks the actual memory, disk and CPU usage over the billing period set up at System Monitoring -> Bandwidth Monitoring. Usage can be displayed at Edit System -> Resource usage , and via the list-systems and list-usage API commands.

For more info, see http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/cloudmin , specifically http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/cloudmin/usage .

Thanks Jamie,

how can I do to give users the ability to scale their resources vm? for example, increase the RAM?

You can create a “system owner” account in Cloudmin that is allowed to consume up to set limits for RAM, CPU and disk across all their VMs in total. They can then be given permissions to change resource limits on their VMs, as long as total usage doesn’t exceed the limits you set…