Daily Domain Restore


A while a ago I configured the daily backup of all my domains to a second server. And now I would like to make a cron job to restore those backups every day.
Something like this would normally do the trick.

/usr/sbin/virtualmin restore-domain --source /backups/PLACEWHEREYOUBACKUPSARE/ --all-domains --all-features

It’s a bit more tricky in my case since it’s making a new folder everyday with a date stamp as the name.
So I was wondering if someone knows how to use a date stamp in the source param of the cron job to restore those domains.

This is what the backup looks like:
I’m making a incremental backup every day except on Saturday, and a full backup on Saturday. The backups are being transferred by ssh to the second server where they are placed in /backups/full/%Y%m%d and /backups/incremental/DAYOFTHEWEEK/%Y%m%d.
All backups are being kept for 30 days.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


Did you solve this problem? Looking at the same challenge